Friday, November 12, 2010


My finals just ended today. Finals went quite well except for the last paper, Specialist Maths. But, i am quite proud of myself because i think i did pretty well for Finals. Throughout my whole year, i've slacked until my internals was a disaster. Hopefully, my externals will pull it up.

Right, SAM lessons ended 3 weeks ago. It was a memorable day. We all took pictures, a lot of pictures. Everyone wore some pretty nice clothings. :) Later on, we changed into our class T-Shirt, which is proudly designed by our class rep - Low Yi Han. Kudos and thumbs up for you bro :) I am not wrong to say that i feel our class, S5 bonds the best among all other classes. Others might say i am wrong, but i think i am right. Somehow, each and everyone of us has their own personalities, weird attitudes or traits, we manage to bond very well. I am proud to have such classmates and friends. Without them, 2010 is a bore.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. That's right. SAM has ended. Like really ended. The only thing left is Prom which is on Monday. I am really really going to miss each and every one of my classmates. Soon, we will part. Some will go to Australia or other universities to pursue their studies. As much as i want us to stay together, but i know we have to move on with our life. I will miss the laughter, random jokes, lame ones, Danial Moments, lecturers and their unique personalities. My classmates are capable of making very very random and lame jokes at the most awkwardest moment, ask anyone, they can vouch for that. HAHAHAHA!!! in a way, i am proud of it. :)

I dare to admit that of course even though our class bonds well together, but i do form my own cliques. They're Colin, Seong Hock, Tze Lim, Harin, Erik, Afif, Yi Han, Anson, Chang Wei, Jitesh, Zong Yao, Adeline, Ee von, Hee Ching and Yee Shuen. Even though i do say this all the time in a joking way, BUT i would like you all to know that i really really love you all. AND i hope each and everyone of BFFs forever. I know it's something rather hard, but i'll do all i can to ensure that. All of you have never failed to amuse and cheer me up. No matter how bad my mood or my day is in college, they've never failed to place a smile upon my face. I can write about them all day long, but i don't think i have time now. I will. Soon. that's a promise.

Hmm... because of them i kinda cried twice or thrice? i can't remember. But the first time was definitely during Mr. Woon's powerpoint presentation. It's simple yet touching. very touching. I can feel the sincerity and the love from it. I guess that's what made me cry. =) Thank you Mr.Woon. you've not only been a lecturer to all of us, but also like a father.

As we move on to forge our paths in our life, I pray for your safety and well-being. May all of you succeed in whatever you do. AND! REMEMBER ME! :)

Without wax,

ILY :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

S5 awesome short story

As the dust settled, little Davy Hutchinson looked up to his father and asked “Daddy, is Mommy coming back?” Daddy replied, “No son, I’ll be getting a new wife.” Davy Hutchinson yelled at his father “I want Mummy back!” Daddy said nothing and walked away. Little Davy Hutchinson looked up the newspaper on the table for a new father.

Two months later, Little Davy Hutchinson watched as his father kissed Old Man Warner at the altar. Little Davy Hutchinson looked up towards Mrs Dunbar and asked, “What does that mean now?” Expecting an answer, Little Davy Hutchinson was on the verge of tears as he walked away. He couldn’t imagine Old Man Warner would be his new mom. After spending so much time with Old Man Warner, Davy Hutchinson realized that Old Man Warner is a better dad. When his father knew that, he got very angry and slapped Little Davy Hutchinson. Little Davy Hutchinson cried and ran away from home.

Five years later, Little Davy Hutchinson came back to his house. Little Davy Hutchinson brought Tessie Hutchinson home. With a smile on her face, Tessie Hutchinson says, “Hello Bill, I’m back.” Bill did not seem to hear or see Tessie Hutchinson. Davy Hutchinson saw Old Man Warner walking out from the kitchen naked carrying apple pie. Davy Hutchinson said hi to Old Man Warner.

And that’s when the unexpected happened. Davy Hutchinson decided to put a kick to his most important part of Old Man Warner’s body. While he was kicking Old Man Warner until he fainted, Davy Hutchinson said to Old Man Warner, “I don’t want you to be my mom.” Bill was so furious, he stripped Davy Hutchinson and he pulled out his belt. Being ten years old, hot-tempered and angry, Davy Hutchinson snatched the leather belt and proceeded to carry out his revenge on his father by whipping him non-stop on every part he could reach on his pathetic body; while his mind was going through scenes such as gouging his father’s eye out with a spoon, tearing off his tongue as well as his fingernails. After he was done, Davy Hutchinson kneeled down and started crying. Suddenly, ‘invisible’ Tessie Hutchinson threw stones at Davy Hutchinson for his sins.

As Bill held on to his life predicting his life to end soon enough, he finally realized the hallucination Davy Hutchinson created and decided it was time for him to tell the truth of Old Man Warner as he breathed his last, he held onto Davy Hutchinson’s hands and whispered “Old Man Warner is Tessie Hutchinson.” THE END!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's been so long

I've abandon this blog for quite some time already. Well, it's because am kinda busy and lazy. And also this will discourage readers :D i don't know why but, i feel like making this blog private but then it will be troublesome for readers. So i'll leave it just like that.

Right, nothing much has changed since i last blogged. Except for the fact that life is much more merrier and hectic. I've not really adjusted myself to KL life, but am still coping (hopefully). I've made a point to myself that i will make each day a brand new beginning and not a routine. I dare say i am a bit of a coward, afraid of big changes. That's why i am taking it step by step, little by little. Everyday i do small but different things to add spices into my life. :) However weird it may seem, one of the meaningful moments in my day will be the walk from Taylor's to the KTM station. Most weekdays i will walk to the KTM station after class. Starting my walk at 4 p.m, i walk the usual route. I take slow and relaxing steps while observing my surroundings. I like seeing the residents around the neighborhood coming out to take a walk with their family or their dog. I mean, it's a rather peaceful scene. Hahaha.. i need peace after one hectic day. Then, i will stop by the small stall and buy 3 pieces of fried banana if i am hungry. And, the best part is that, whenever i pass by the stall selling Apam Balik, he will never fail to shout, "APAM BALIK"! I swear, never once he did not shout that when i passed by him. It's a wonder to me. I am weird. Hahahaha...

Frankly, i am quite excited but also afraid at the same time about what the future holds for me. I mean, i can't possible predict my future right? It's the greatest mystery, far more mysterious than galaxies or universes or stuffs like that. I've never ever thought i would study SAM in Taylors, meet new (awesome too) friends, experience new challenges and others. I am rather glad that things have been working out for me. Thank God for that :D

I've made many new friends in KL. And of course i've been hanging out with them a lot, but that doesn't mean i've forgotten my old friends. Friends that i've been with since Secondary School, some even from Primary. Although we have gone on our own paths, i will never forget each and every one of you. The happiness and sadness we shared, the laughter we had together, the crazy stuffs we did. I will make a point here that, i tend to refer my old frens to BP frens, and new frens as KL frens. I don't mean anything here. It's easier for me to refer. It's not that i am forgetting or belittling my friends by grouping them. No matter where you're from, as long as you're my friend, i will cherish you.

Some people said i changed (not only u Anna Seng) which got me thinking. Have i really changed? I guess maybe, a bit more mature perhaps and more responsible. It's rather impossible if i don't grow up a bit right? That did be weird. But one thing is for sure, deep down, i am still the same old. :D

Before i end, i've passed my driving test today! hahaha...

Without wax,

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I hate being sick.

Sigh, yeap, i am feeling unwell. >< only ="(">
Well, for the past few days been busy studying. Today is a rest day for me. hahaha... i can't wait for this Friday. First driving lesson!!! Freaking excited... but then, it means that i wont be able to join the rest to go to Emyy's house. =( they're going coz at 6.30, ada SAM fiesta at Taylors. we will all be going! hahahaha... looking forward to it lah.. It's a party, minus the booze and drugs. lol, we'll be dancing the whole night. But i doubt i'll be dancing, i think i'll mostly be eating. I dun even noe how to dance, besides, with the size of mine, how u expect me to dance???

Oh ya, Ee Von won the post for secretary for the SAM Student Council. hahahha... Hee Ching got the post as a committee member. =D

Well, i am very lazy now. so it ends here. Bye. hahahha

Without wax,

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


omgg! i've been MIA for so so long! i've realised it long ago but then i can't do anything with it coz of the class tests and assignments. RAWR! The class tests were ok, there were ups and downs. but overall it's fine (fingers crossed). hahahaha... right. what i've been doing for the past few days? Nothing big except i went to Ipoh on Saturday for my cousin's wedding! Mr.Julian Chong just got married! hahahaha.. well, the actual wedding ceremony was in Kuching. The on in Ipoh was a dinner with families and close frens. although it was a small one, but it was splendid! love it to bits! they are such a cute and happy couple! =D

*i wish u both longevity and blissful years ahead of you!*:D

right. next is a big thing going on in Taylor's. actually, it's about SAM only. It's campaign time for SAM student council! I am voting for Ee Von (eevee) for Secretary and Hee Ching for committee member! hahahaha... Hee Ching din really campaign much coz she said she has high chance of getting selected due to few reasons (but actually, she's lazy =D). Eevee's campaigning dammn gao gao. LOL... her supporters wear orange, be it nail polish, shirt, pants, undergarments (i've no idea about that), ribbons or anything as long as it's orange! Me? i wear a tag and an orange ribbon and a flyer asking everyone to vote for her on the back of my shirt. =D hopefully both of them win.

SAM to me, is fun but it's getting hectic. Assignments and class tests are pouring in. It's kinda fun though with all the work, but time management is definitely, and for the time being, my time is not really managed. HAHAHAHA, but it'll work out just fine =). Actually, it's not that i dun wanna do work, it's because it's too hot! Do you notice that the weather nowadays is freaking blardy hoT!!!???? I am sweating although i am under the fan! btw, i just collected my new ID card today. Lol... i lost mine b4 chinese new year. it sux lah. i'll never lose this one again/ hahaha

I gtg now. Fringe time =D been watching this awesome show these few days. hahahhas...

Without wax

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sakura Biyori

I met you at sixteen
And we shared a love a hundred years old
Under the fluttering, dancing down
petals of the sakura tree

I wanted to meet you, so I ran
On the steep hill road where sunlight lands
and in the corner of the park our two shadows are
unchanging even now

You, and me, and the sakura weather
I sway in the wind and dance back again
As if I had just awoken from a long dream
I look up and see a pink sky

I was in love; I was in love
with you as your smile began to blossom
I alone knew about
that soft place on your right side

The promise under the sakura tree
of "Let's come here again next year"
We reaffirmed it to each other so many times
but it remains unfulfilled even now

You, and me, and the sakura weather
I am gently revived by the wind
I wonder if now, you're looking at it too,
the same pink sky we saw that day

I chased after those days;
the footprints engraved in them are
the most irreplaceable treasure

You, and me, and the sakura weather
I sway in the wind and dance back again
My endless emotions overflowed out of me
and tears filled my heart

You, and me, and the sakura weather
I sway in the wind and dance back again
Holding to my chest a future I can't yet see
I look up and see a pink sky

English translation of the song, Sakura Biyori from the 10th ending theme of Bleach. It is a meaningful song. It's my favourite song since the last time i heard it =D enjoy.

Without wax,


Today is Maths test! However, it is not the main highlight of they. LOL! The main highlight was what happened during the 2nd break. It started when Eve was listening to her music through her earphone. Colin wanted to noe whether eve can hear what he is saying with her earphones on. Lol.. so Colin kept saying about her BB (go figure =D). At first tot eve can't hear, mana tau later she suddenly laughed at ask colin to stop saying that. Then from there, expanded. Colin kept saying about her BB. The funniest part was when Colin made sign languages. ROFL! we were laughing till breathless for 20 mins. LMAO! then, eve buried her head on her legs. Well, she is laughing, but it looked like she was crying, Colin continued to tease her. Suddenly, Eve got up and threw her book while scolding Colin. Then she walked away, halfway, she said, "was just acting". OMG Colin's expression was the epic-est thing in my entire life. He was smiling. But it's obvious, he was shocked. Coz he macam frozen. Can't move a muscle. Damm obvious he panicking. LMAO. It's freaking hilarious. LOL....

We laughed so much, till out of breath. hahhaha.. it was good though, stress reliever before the start of Maths test =D. Today everyone wore red to welcome the CNY festive mood. Except for a few traitors.

1. Erik = wore grey
2. Eve = White dress with orange dots (dots with size of an orange which she claimed it's red in colour)
3. Riefdy = wore black, but forgave him since he wore red underwear =D
4. Adeline = pink, but oso forgive, since pink is like in the family of red.

Hahhaha.... it's supposed to be a perfect day. But One Piece spoiled it all ): I am very sad at the fact that Ace died. It's a damn sad thing. He was my favourite character in OP aside from Captain Whitebeard and Roronoa Zoro. Sighs... life's like that =(

Without wax,